Our Place: Come Inside Stephanie + Michael's Modern Bohemian Columbus Apartment Home

Our Place 03/09/2020
Our Place: Come Inside Stephanie + Michael's Modern Bohemian Columbus Apartment Home

Meet Stephanie and Michael. The couple recently became residents of LC RiverSouth after Michael landed a new job at Deloitte, just a few blocks away from the community. The walkability to work, nearby parks for their dog, Ember, and overall layout of their apartment were all factors in their decision to move from their suburban townhome at LC Gahanna to their new downtown flat at LC RiverSouth. We sat down with Stephanie to learn a little bit more about her design inspiration, as well as some of her favorite neighborhood spots. 

How would you describe your style?

I pull a lot of my inspiration for my home from Joanna Gaines. Overall, I would say my style is a combination of her designs and more modern pieces. I look to Pinterest to help me visualize how different pieces of furniture and colors will work in a space and then imitate them. Most items that you see in our home are from Target or World Market. One of my favorite pieces is the rattan chair from World Market in our living room.

What is your favorite element in your home?

The storage space. When we moved from a two-bedroom townhouse at LC Gahanna to a one-bedroom flat at LC RiverSouth, I was initially worried about being able to fit everything. We did have to downsize my office furniture, but I was pleasantly surprised that we really didn’t lose any space overall. In our LC Gahanna townhouse, Michael actually built us a pantry because we didn’t have enough space for all of our kitchen items, but in our LC RiverSouth flat, we actually have extra space in our kitchen cabinets. I also feel like the open layout and high ceilings make the space feel much bigger than our previous home.

Another aspect that I love is the floor-to-ceiling windows. We have an amazing view of the Scioto River and COSI; we can’t wait to be able to watch the Red, White, and Boom fireworks from our apartment this July! Not only do they provide a great view, but I’m quite the plant lady and my plants seem to be thriving with all the natural light they let in.

What do you like best about the neighborhood?

Because we previously lived in the suburbs, we didn’t really come downtown that often. It’s been so much fun getting to explore a new neighborhood and find new restaurants, shops, and parks to try out. With the cold weather, we haven’t been able to get out and about as much as we would like, but we’re excited to be able to uncover new spots once the season changes. So far, we love having Condado and The Goat on our street and have enjoyed the convenience of Columbus Commons and the Scioto Mile being within walking distance; Ember loves running around both parks!

Where are some of your favorite restaurants and shops in Columbus?

Our first date was at Graeters so we always like to revisit it because of the sentimental value (and amazing ice cream.) We also love the custard and italian ice combination from Ritas. Plus, their location has an outdoor walk-up window, so we’re able to take Ember with us! If we want an actual meal, we normally choose something casual, like O’Charley’s.   

Like I mentioned earlier, I am a collector of plants. So, I love visiting the Stump Plants shop in Italian Village or the Oakland Nursery.

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