4 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work Space in Your Apartment

Our Place 07/01/2020
4 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work Space in Your Apartment

With working from home on the rise, we understand the importance of creating an inspiring work space in your apartment that will motivate you to continue to succeed *cough cough, we’re talking to you couch dweller* Sitting slouched over on your couch adorned in week old pajamas doesn’t quite cut it as a productive work environment. With the freedom to wear pajamas all week long also comes the responsibility to create your very own work haven. Whether it’s a built-in desk, kitchen table or even your island bar, creating a dedicated space where you feel comfortable, inspired, and a drive to get tasks done is an important step to finding success while working from home. Do we have you convinced? Here’s our 4 tips for creating an inspiring work space in your apartment.

Good light is everything

Have you ever heard the one about humans basically being houseplants but with more complicated emotions? Well, they’re not wrong...humans need light too. Whether it’s natural sunlight seeping in your windows or a desk lamp, having a well-lit space will help increase motivation and keep you focused. 

Invest in a comfortable chair

Sorry to have to call you out like this twice, couch dwellers, but the couch doesn’t count as a comfortable chair. In fact, we would argue that it is in fact too comfortable of a spot and will just make you sleepy. Now don’t get us wrong, we love naps as much as the next person but, they’re not ideal when you’re on the clock trying to meet deadlines and get work done. Buy the chair...your back and productivity will thank you. 

Get yourself organized

This is a distraction free space so that zen garden (or as we like to call it: an adult sandbox) that you find yourself raking mindlessly is going to have to go. Keep items that aren’t essential to your job filed away until you need them. 

Surround yourself with things that inspire you

Whether it’s hanging up your business goals or a vision board full of motivational quotes and images that speak to you, there is just something about seeing your goals right in front of your face each and every day. It’s a great way to always be reminded of what you’re working for and give you that extra boost of motivation when you’re feeling drained or uninspired.

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